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A new approach to health

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Formerly known as Community Health Innovations (CHI), the Population Health division of Aspire Health is taking a new approach to health in Monterey County. We offer personalized and forward-thinking programs that inspire and empower people to achieve their healthiest lives.
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Aspire Health brings together providers, patients, payers, and community leaders to promote wellness and deliver the best care.

We Create Solutions

We find solutions to overcome financial, emotional, physical, and clinical barriers to health.

We Change Lives

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“We would look at itty bitty tiny goals. And, little by little those goals add up to big goals.”

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Improved her numbers
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“As soon as I started caring the doors opened, and I was shown my life as it is today.”

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Transformed his life
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“My care manager has done more for me than I could ever say.”

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Found hope
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“I see my children motivated, happier, and making better choices.”

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Inspired family
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  • I’ve been well taken care of by an Aspire Health social worker for more than a year now. She gets me back on track when I’m struggling, and I know I can always count on her. She and my doctor have been my rock.

    Garianne Sholiton
  • My experience with the health coaching program has been wonderful and beneficial. During the phone sessions with my Health Coach, I have been provided with encouragement and tools that improved my lifestyle enormously. I was able to lose weight and lower my A1C so that I’m no longer prediabetic.

    Lupe Herrera Ramirez, Castroville
  • If it weren’t for my care manager, I wouldn’t be this far along on getting better. She contacted my provider right away when I was not responding well to my medication. My medication was increased and I improved right away.

    Elizabeth Harrison, Aspire-MA member, Salinas
  • My daughter has tried new vegetables and has learned all of her food groups and how to portion a plate. I’m so pleased with Aspire Health’s pediatric coaching! She now tells other people not to drink soda.

    Deanna Jacobs, Marina
  • My health coach helped guide me on the right path to healthy habits, and keeps me going. I would recommend anyone to participate and see the benefits. I feel better than I have in a long time.

    Armando, Seaside
  • A great big thank you for the continued support, education, and resources provided by Aspire Health Diabetes Initiative to the Salinas City Elementary School District (SCESD). The Aspire Health team has been excellent community partners as we work together to address Diabetes and obesity in our schools. Many thanks for all that you do!

    Paulette Deyo Stohlmann, MSN, RN, PHN - Salinas City Elementary School District Nurse
  • This program has been very insightful, helpful, and fun. My daughter has been making better food choices and staying active.

    Lauren, Seaside
  • The Aspire Health Care Manager was extremely helpful in guiding me with local resources and facilitating making appointments to the doctors. She was very helpful with medication information, side effects, and diet management, and she showed perseverance with the follow up calls even when I am not communicating well. Overall, Aspire Health’s Care Manager is very pleasant person to deal with.

    David Weeks Heilman, Pacific Grove
  • We attended 4 appointments and my son learned to eat more fruits, eat healthier, drink more water, and have less sugary drinks.

    Roberto, Salinas