Health Records

You and your doctors need easy access to your health information to make the best decisions about your care.

We provide patients, providers, and care team members the right, secure health data to improve care. We have partnered with hospitals, insurance plans, and doctors to ensure our community has the information, technology, and tools to give patients the health knowledge they need and to assist providers in making the best care choices.

We partner with Central Coast Health Connect, a Monterey County Health Information Exchange, that clinically integrates data from across the county to ensure that patients and their physicians have the most current information. For instance, primary care providers can be notified immediately if their patient has been discharged from an emergency visit, ensuring a timely and safe transition of care. Additionally, we use Epic’s Healthy Planet Population Health tool to ensure our teams have the latest technology to support our patients.

Contact our Central Coast Health Connect support team for more information about how to access health information.