Community Resources

We help patients, families, caregivers, and community members get the tools they need to improve their health. Almost everyone can find themselves in need of support at some point, especially when facing an illness, caring for an elderly parent, or recovering from a hospitalization. At these vulnerable times, we remove challenges and find solutions. That’s why we partner with senior service agencies, legal services, police departments, hospitals, and other local organizations to coordinate care and obtain needed resources.

Whether it’s supporting a senior citizen living alone, assisting those experiencing homelessness, helping a community member with financial issues,  securing follow-up care after an ER visit, or putting a patient in touch with housing and job information, our Community Resources team is here for you. Our highly trained social workers and emergency department navigators  have expertise you can count on.

Our goal is to make sure everyone in our community lives their healthiest life. When people get the help they need to improve their wellbeing, the entire community benefits. Healthcare becomes life care.